I just remembered I have this blog (wow, that sentence must echo across the web thousands of times a day and never get more interesting). So to update you: Finn is three and a half, still fairly hilarious, and enjoying preschool and such activities as “going to a place with toys”. This is his preferred activity at any time of day or night. He also enjoys visiting his friends’ houses (probably for the toys), being read to and playing educational games on the computer. I do try to restrict screen time of course like the anxious middle class parental stereotype I am and always will be. But he does really enjoy playing educational games on the computer.

Anika is turning one in under two weeks! It’s truly exclamation mark-worthy, isn’t it? She is extremely cute, enjoys smiling at people, eating grownup food and dancing. She shows no interest in walking, unlike Finn who was mister early walker, but is an extremely agile crawler and beguiler of people into carrying her. Her dancing occurs whenever there is music to be heard, and mostly involves bouncing up and down on her knees while beaming at all present. The main thing people notice about Anika is that she is blonde with brunette tips and a hint of red. This is certainly an unusual hair colouring and I have been asked how I get her to sit still at the salon (mostly by people who are being funny). She also has a lot of hair which Jean greatly enjoys tying back elaborately. I am determined to figure out how to at least do a pony tail by the time she goes to school. We think she may be talking, and have about 5 words, but it’s all pretty ambiguous at this stage, and frankly I’d feel a lot more comfortable if she’d just come out with fully formed sentences.

On the “new sofa” front, the house has reached a kind of stasis as we unconsciously decided a few months ago that it was good enough and stopped decorating/fixing/adding things. Instead we have been working a little bit on our social lives, going out with friends more often and attempting to do unusual things like watch theatre and live music. This weekend represents a herculean effort at getting out of the house, where I am going to risk exposure to a major car race and many people who enjoy watching major car races, in order to see a Missy Elliot concert that is taking place in the middle of the car race. I am not the hugest Missy Elliot fan in the world, but I figured $38 was a bargain, and project getting out of the house required my attendance. I will placate my inner (and increasingly protuberant) old person with a pair of earplugs.

It’s already nearly Christmas. We probably won’t go back to Oz this year, but we are expecting at least one trip to Sydney early in 2011, so I hope to see as many as possible of my dear readers and other Sydney friends. I am looking forward to seeing all the changes and getting back in touch with the city I do eventually hope to call home again.