Well it’s finally December, so we can finally stop wincing every time someone talks about Christmas, or sees a Christmas decoration. The first decorations went up around here in October! That’s two months of suspense to maintain. Ridiculous. Anyhow, we have had a wonderful tail end of the year so far, with a visit from the inlaws and a perfect island holiday on Nikoi. I am assuming everyone who reads this has my flickr so you can see the photos there. I remembered how much I love diving and snorkelling.

Finn is really excited about Christmas. He kind of got it last year, but this year he gets it enough to be thinking about what he wants for Christmas, making tree decorations and other Christmas crafts and singing Christmas carols to himself as he drifts off to sleep.

Today he was playing with his toy measuring tape and came running up to me. Curling it around my bicep, he declared, “I’m measuring you to see if you’re big enough to be a fireman…. You are!”
“Hooray!” I replied, but I think I will keep searching for my calling.
Then a few minutes later he said, “Is your chair the wrong size? Is it not big enough for your bottom that is very huge and giant?”
It is testimony to the social cluelessness of my child that I can say with certainty he meant that as a compliment.