The other day I asked Finn to make a story, which I would write down. This is what he said:

A shark was going to eat you and then a big bad wolf was going to eat it – a purple pencil.

He wasn’t going to be angry any more because someone who was happy cheered him up, and the three piggies said “don’t be angry later!” And he sat on the chairs and broke all the chairs and broke the light.

The wolf was going to get some fish for the little piggies to share with everyone. He caught some swordfish, and some cows had some delicious things for them to eat. And edamame beans too. The house has a Japanese restaurant. It’s attached with a magnet.

He wrote another shorter story. This one has a title.

The Three Little Cows

They get some delicious ice creams for everyone to share and I think they’re going to eat a big bad wolf and a pig was going to get fish for them and the lights turned on and then… “HOORAY!”.

I think it’s the end of the story.